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Title: It's an American Thing!
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Rating: PG-13 (T isn't as accurate, I guess? ^^;) for language fluff, maybe?
Summary: What happens when America starts a baseball tournament? Trouble, that's what!
Author: GilbertOfPrussia (My FF account name)
Pairings: GermanyxItaly,SpainxRomano, mentioned FrancexEngland & AmericaxRussia (in later chapters)

Chapter 1:
Oh God. Not again.

That was the first thought that went through Germany's mind when he picked up the phone and heard America's loud, high-pitched voice yelling at him at full volume.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there was a certain over energetic Italian in the room with him, bouncing around on one of his 40-minute pasta drabbles, while his brother was standing on the coffee table and declaring his awesomeness.

"Listen up!" The American cried, and in the background, Ludwig could hear a voice with a heavy British accent yelling, "Get on with it, you git!"

"I, the hero, challenge the evil Axis to…" here, he paused for effect. "A game of baseball!"

"What the hell? Find something better to do with your time!" was what the German wanted to yell in reply, but all that came out was, "Um…what?"

"You heard me, Nazi! This Saturday, 8:30 AM! Hero, out!" And with that, Alfred hung up, before Ludwig could even protest.

"Damn that America…" he muttered, and was about to pick up the receiver to call Japan, when he was suddenly pounced on from behind by Italy.

"Doitsu, Doitsu! Can we go? Pleeeeeease? I've always wanted to play baseball!"

"Mmph." Was Germany's reply, for he had been knocked face-first into the desk. After a minute or two of struggling, he finally managed to push the smaller man off. Willing away the blush that had creepy across his cheeks, he cleared his throat to speak.

"I think you're missing the point, Italia. It's not supposed to be a game."

"Ve~! Of course it is!" Feliciano protested innocently. "People play it for fun, so that means it's a game, ne?"

Ludwig sighed, resisting the urge to slam his head against the wall. "Not exactly…"

"Oi! West!" Prussia yelled from across the room, bounding over to the desk and leaning forward, much to Germany's annoyance.

"Guten Tag, Bruder." He growled, trying to ignore the Italian, who now had his arms wrapped very firmly around his waist. "Can I help you?"

"Like hell!" the albino yelled, slapping his palms against the table. "You're gonna sign up for America's baseball tournament so I can whoop your ass and take down the Allies!"

"What? Gilbert, for the last time, I don't play sp-"

"Great! Thanks, West! I'm glad we could have this talk! See you Saturday!" And with that, his ignorant brother clapped him on the back and, what a surprise, jumped out the open window.

"Oh, Mein Gott…" he sighed, holding his head in his hands, while Feliciano cheered and shouted behind him, then ran off to find Japan. One thing was for sure:

This could only end in tears.
Wow, I wrote this a really long time ago...
But yes, this is from my FF account, so it really isn't anything new. But I've been wanting to continue it for a while, so hopefully it'll get moving along.
So,I'm thinking next I'll post one of my lemons...but I'm not sure when.
-shrugs- Look forward to it, I guess!


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